Victoria Beckham Never Washes This Item of Clothing

Victoria Beckham at the Vogue Espana 30th anniversary award

While there are definitely things we’d rather be spending our weekends doing besides laundry (deep cleaning the oven, scrubbing the bathroom, getting a root canal), the tedious chore is worth it if only for the great feeling of slipping into some fresh clothes after the wash. That is, minus our jeans.

Unlike our other garments, jeans tend to come out of the wash feeling less wearable than they were before even the gentlest of rinse cycles. They get stiff, they get tight, and they get downright difficult fit into, let alone move in once you’ve managed to squeeze them on. All of which is precisely why we’re more than happy to take a page out of Victoria Beckham’s book and – wait for it – abandon the washing of jeans altogether.

That’s right: the singer-turned-fashion designer and icon has officially made it acceptable to abstain from throwing your jeans in the wash with the rest of your load. That is, unless you don’t really have a choice (i.e. there’s some spillage).

“If the kids spill [something on them], then I have to wash them, obviously, but even then it’s only on cold wash,” Beckham said recently in an interview with Elle. “And normally, no, I just don’t wash them at all.”

Another one of Beckham’s pro tips for keeping her denim in perfect wearable condition? Hanging them up, which she says helps maintain the pants’ shape.

Well, looks like we have a new game plan when it comes to our denim.

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