These Iconic Flats Just Earned a Spot at the MoMA

Cendrillon Ballerina flat by Rose Repetto added to MoMA permanent collection

We’ve always thought of our shoe closet as a carefully curated collection of wearable masterpieces, akin to the kind of art collections one might find at their favorite gallery or museum. Despite thinking that the sentiment was likely unique to us – who really loves their shoe collection that much? – one museum has now confirmed what we always thought (though weren’t entirely sure) that we knew: shoes are art. Museum-level art.

The Museum of Modern Art, which is home to such masterpieces as Cézanne’s The Bather and Matisse’s The Dance, recently announced that it will be adding another French masterpiece to its already extensive collection of modern and contemporary art: the iconic Cendrillon Ballerina flats.

Designed by Rose Repetto in 1956 and made famous by Brigitte Bardot – who was also Repetto’s muse for the shoe – in the French film Et Dieu créa la femme, the Cendrillon Ballerina flat has become a kind of symbol of effortless, understated chicness that is so central to French style. The MoMA’s acquisition of the classic flat is also a celebration of the shoe’s “excellent design.”

“It is an honor for Repetto to become part of MoMA’s permanent collection,” said Gilles Assor, CEO of Americas at Repetto, in a statement. “I would like to thank the MoMA curators for the unique and amazing opportunity. The recognition is another solid ‘step’ on the plan I have for the brand in America.”

We’d like to consider this a solid step in the direction of recognizing “shoe hoarding” as a kind of “art collecting” that it truly is, too. Progress.

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