The Most Stylish Italian Girls We Can’t Stop Obsessing Over

We would much rather be spending our time on the cruising on the Italian riviera, indulging in gelato, touring vineyards in Tuscany, and relaxing on beaches in the Mediterranean than running to catch our morning train to work. But plane ticket prices are high, and our remaining vacation days are, well, not so high. So while we’re stuck in the office, we’ve resorted to daydreaming about our chic getaway by living vicariously through some of Italy’s most stylish It girls.

Eleonora Carisi

Carisi has been in the fashion scene for a while now, after launching her blog, Jou Jou Villeroy. Since then, her career has been full of collaborations as a writer, editor, designer and model, from Italian magazine Grazia and Vanity Fair Italy to Chanel, Gucci and Michael Kors. She pretty much manages to do it all, and without ever missing a style beat.

Instagram / @eleonoracarisi


Giulia Tordini

Her sister, Giorgia might appear in more fashion magazines, but we are just as obsessed with Giulia’s girly style. She’s a web designer and art director for The Attico, but her Instagram feed alludes to a lot of luxurious vacation days. You’ll always find her looking perfectly ladylike and put together, whether she’s killing the street style game or working on her tan while enjoying a plate of pasta. Ugh, to be Italian.

Instagram / @giuliatordini

Gilda Ambrosio

Part-time model, part-time designer, full-time street style star. Another Attico employee, Ambrosio is known for her pin straight, long black hair and her talent when it comes to stylishly rocking statement pieces straight off the runway. Street photographers come running every time she steps on the scene to capture her flowing locks, bold outfits and of course, that classic Italian beauty.

Instagram / @gildaambrosio

Vittoria Ceretti

This natural beauty is currently the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s cosmetics line, but she’s working with other big names, like Prada, Fendi, Dior and Givenchy all while somehow managing to maintain a laid back image and attitude. She told Vogue that her policy is to always be kind to everyone she meets and to never compare herself to other models. She may be all about high fashion on the runway, but her every day look is more fun and flirty.

Instagram / @vittoceretti

Patricia Manfield

She may not be a model or designer, but Manfield proves herself worthy of her spot on the fashion scene time and time again with her trendy, thrown together style. Okay, so she’s not a born Italian, but she lives in Milan and she’s definitely got that easy, breezy, Mediterranean look down. When the singer isn’t working on tracks for an upcoming album, find her stunning paparazzi at any big fashion show.

Instagram / @patriciamanfield
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