Meet Kimberly Smith, the Blogger Behind Penny Pincher Fashion

Kimberly Smith, the fashion blogger behind Penny Pincher Fashion, is all about shaking up the style scene with glamorous outfits that are also affordable. A stay-at-home mom of two living in upstate New York, Smith dedicates her time to covering seasonal style and beauty tips that anyone can try themselves, from patterned nails to simple contouring and cat eyes. Smith modeled her blog around the idea that everyone wants to look their best, but not everyone has the budget to splurge on designer looks, and she’s attracted quite a following in the process. If you like affordable fashion (um, who doesn’t?) check out Penny Pincher Fashion, but first, learn a little more about the blogger behind the scenes.

Penny Pincher Fashion

Tell us a little bit about what got you into the fashion world and how you started Penny Pincher Fashion.

I started my blog as a creative outlet once my kids were in full-day school.  At that time, we were on a really tight household budget, but I still wanted to look put-together and I knew there were other women who could relate to those circumstances.  Over the years, my site has grown & changed a lot but I’m proud to say that I’ve stayed true to my original mission & kept a budget-friendly focus.

Where do you get inspiration for your personal style and who/what are your favorite designers/stores?

I get inspired by street style and looking through Pinterest – Olivia Palermo is one of my style icons because she takes risks and tries combinations that I would never think of.  Lately, I’ve been shopping a lot at Nordstrom Rack, Mango & Zara but I’ve also found some great pieces at Target too!

What is your favorite thing about being a fashion blogger?

The freedom to create my own schedule – as a mom, it’s so important to me to be available for my kids when they get home from school.  Also, getting the chance to interact with so many different women that I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet.

Penny Pincher Fashion

How do you stay up-to-date on current trends, and what is your favorite trend right now?

I subscribe to a lot of fashion magazines – as much as I love reading blogs, there is something about holding those glossy pages in your hands.  I keep a mood board in my office full of inspiration photos that I’ve torn out of my favorite issues.  Right now, I’m loving embroidery & ruffles.

Who are you following on Instagram for style inspiration (and just for fun) these days?

I love Jess Ann Kirby & Damsel in Dior for style & travel inspiration.

Where is your go-to restaurant in your favorite city?

One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten was at Founding Farmers in Washington, D.C.

How do you keep your blog relatable for your followers?

I do my best to keep my content a good mix of my own personal style, affordable fashion finds & beauty tips.  But, I also pay attention to what my readers respond best to and what really gets them engaged.  I’ve changed a lot of things over the years in order to keep my audience happy.

Penny Pincher Fashion

What do you think is the most important thing to keep in mind when creating your own personal style?

Stick with what works for your shape & go with what you feel best in.  I don’t think anyone should be a slave to trends – because they simply don’t flatter every figure.  Find a formula that you love & invest in pieces that you will be excited to wear.

What is one weird or interesting fact about yourself?

I was on Season 2 of American Idol.

Learn more about Kimberly Smith by checking out her blog, Penny Pincher Fashion, and follow along on her style adventures on Instagram @ppfgirl.


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