How to Celebrate National Donut Day, Twice

Happy National Donut Day!

Wait…what? Didn’t we already celebrate that this year?

Yep. But, it’s happening again, and this time we’re prepared! You see, while donuts have always been delicious and amazing, they haven’t always enjoyed the hype we give them today.

Historically, National Donut Day started way back in 1938 with the Salvation Army.  It’s a really cute story: “Dough Lassies,” or female volunteers, . It’s totally sweet, and lends an even more “feel good” quality to this delicious day.

There is some confusion and even contention over why we celebrate this day twice, but we’re of the mind that it doubles our incentive to stuff ourselves with donuts.

We have some tips for really getting the most out of both national days.

1.) Plan ahead. As much as you’ll want to, you probably won’t be able to eat ALL the donuts on either day so you’ll need to prioritize which donut you’ll eat, and where you’ll buy it.

2.) If possible, get your name spelled out in donuts. For one thing, seeing your name written in donuts is guaranteed to make you feel like a rockstar. For another, it is scientifically proven to up your Instagram game.

3.)Dress the part. We are fortunate to live in a day where donuts bedeck shirts, shorts, cellphone cases, and even pillows. Take advantage of the times and dress accordingly.

4.) Try a savory donut. This is an excellent way to fit donuts into more than one meal. The Kitchy Kitchen has an incredible recipe for Cheddar Jalapeno Green Onion Donuts.

From The Kitchy Kitchen

5.) Share the love. Like all special days, this isn’t a day to be spent alone. Share the love and eat some donuts with your friends!

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