7 Tricks to Make Your Bedroom Expensively Chic

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Decorating your bedroom on a budget? Aren’t we all. You want to make the rest of your place nice because that’s what all your guests will see, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the bedroom sanctuary of your dreams for a trendy living room display. Wether you’re just moving in and starting from scratch or just looking for a change, here are seven easy, inexpensive ways to make your bedroom feel just as luxurious and fancy as your favorite hotel or celebrity mansion. Welcome to your (new) crib.

Layer Your Bed

Decorative throw pillows may seem annoying when you have to take them off at night to get to the real thing, but the difference they make is worth the effort. Choose a few chic pillows to layer on top of your normal ones, and do the same thing with your blankets. Fold a cozy blanket across the edge of your bed to complete the fully made look. Yes, you have to make your bed for this to be effective — it’s part of the deal.


Decluttering your room will not only make it feel nicer, it will make it more relaxing and give the illusion of a bigger space. There are two forms of decluttering, and you should master both. Declutter your room as a whole by maximizing floor space and getting rid of unnecessary furniture then tackle your individual areas, like your nightstand and dresser, by keeping only a few choice items on each. A trendy bowl or fancy tray to keep your jewelry contained on your dresser creates style and organization.

Upgrade Your Drapes

First of all, if you have blinds instead of curtains or drapes, that switch alone will make a huge difference. If you already have drapes, upgrading them is easy and inexpensive. Expandable rods that are too long for your windows can sometimes give off a cheap vibe, so shop around for a custom size that will fit better, and when you hang it, do so only a few inches below the ceiling. Higher drapes make a window display look nicer and a room look bigger.

Create Your Own Space

Now that you’re effectively decluttered, create a space other than your bed just for you. It could be a small desk to get some extra work done or just a plush chair or mini couch to relax on when you’re not quite ready for bed. This will add an extra design element to your room while also creating a new personal space for you, which plays up the luxury.

Shed Some Light On It

Lighting can really make or break a room, so handle it with care when creating your design plan. Letting in as much natural light at possible makes the room feel more spacious, and adding a hanging lamp fixture will give it that chic look while also giving you even overhead lighting. If you don’t quite have the budget for a new chandelier, updating your lamp shade to something more modern can make all the difference.

Think Neutral

Can you think of the last time you stayed at a hotel that didn’t have white sheets and comforters? There’s a reason for that. While you don’t have to go white wash, sticking to a neutral color palette will make your room look cleaner, bigger, more calming, and in the end you’ll achieve that elegant look. Staying neutral also makes it easier to add a statement piece that draws the eye, like your favorite painting or a brightly colored chair.

Change Your Hardware

If your dresser or nightstand is outdated, there’s a cheaper way to upgrade than to go out and buy all new furniture. Just replace the hardware. Modern or decorative knobs and handles can take a piece from old and ugly to vintage chic with minimal effort and money to spare at the end of the project. The same goes for upgrading boring doorknobs.



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