6 Steps to Decluttering Your Closet in Preparation for 2018

Getting closet organized

Everyone knows that a new year brings room for a new you, and nothing says new you quite like a new and improved wardrobe. Of course, opening up room in your closet for some fresh additions come 2018 starts with going through your current inventory to decide what’s worth carrying into the new year with you and what it’s time to say goodbye to. To help you with the process, we’ve rounded up a few key tips on decluttering your wardrobe for the new year ahead to help prime it for some freshening up.

Be prepared.

First things first, it’s important to go into your decluttering project with a plan in mind. That means having a set time to tackle it – think of scheduling your decluttering project the way you would a dinner with friends – and having supplies (i.e. bins and bags for all your items) ready to go. You might also want to have a cleanup playlist ready to go, or a new show queued up and ready on Netflix so that you’ve got something to keep you entertained while you go through your stuff.

Take everything out first.

Your instinct might be to assess each piece of clothing as you take it out of your closet, but that could just hinder the process. Instead, go ahead and remove everything from your closet to get started. This will allow you to turn your closet into something of a clean slate that you will then be able to fill with only the things that you’re sure you want to keep in it.

Nix the definite “no” pieces.

Even if some pieces in your closet call for a little more attention to determine whether you actually want to keep them or not, there are sure to be some items that are no-brainers and that can be gotten rid of without too much thought. This means things that are too small or that are damaged in some way, be it rips, stains, or otherwise. By clearing out the definite “no” pieces at the onset of the process, you can be sure to lessen the load and simplify the next stages of the decluttering process from the get go.

Ditch duplicates.

Another thing that you can definitely clear out early on is items that you have more than one of. You’re likely to have duplicates of some basic wardrobe staples, like simple white t-shirts or pairs of jeans. Decide which of the similar items you’d like to keep, and then get rid of the extra pieces.

Determine what you want to keep and get rid of.

Now for the serious business: it’s time to actually decide what is worth keeping in your closet and what you should get rid of. Of course, making a decision about what is worth keeping is easier said than done, so to make the process easier, try asking yourself a series of questions about each piece to determine its importance to you. Ask yourself if the piece makes you feel confident and happy when you where it, and ask yourself if the fit works for you and your body type. You should also ask yourself how well the piece fits your personal style or the style you want to create for yourself. If those questions all receive a “yes,” then you can assume the piece deserves a place in your closet. If the piece gets a “no” on two or three of those questions , then it’s probably best to get rid of it.

Organize your closet.

Once you’ve finalized your “yes” pile, you can start putting everything back in your closet. But be sure to go about it in an organized way. You’ve already emptied out your closet entirely so you can easily go in and make sure that everything goes in just as it’s supposed to and without looking too unintentional or cluttered. Now you’re new and improved closet is ready to take you into the new year.

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