5 Ways to Upgrade Your Beauty Routine Before the End of Summer

As we approach the final stretch of summer, this season’s heat might have you feeling tempted to toss away your full-coverage foundation and every pore-clogging product in between. But when temptation doesn’t rule, and the thought of going barefaced proves daunting, we recommend a complete overhaul of your beauty routine. To totally up your beauty game, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite products that make looking your best easier than ever.

WellPath Beauty Vitamins Mix, $29.95

Similar to a blank canvas, a luminous, blemish-free complexion makes “painting” your face with the season’s best breathable products simple. Thanks to the addition of collagen-producing and skin-tightening ingredients like vitamin C and silica, a monthly supply of this beauty-enhancing vitamin mix will guarantee a noticeable change in the texture and appearance of your skin, which will make making your makeup look great a whole lot easier. (That is, when it’s not leaving you confident enough to go makeup free altogether.)

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint$45

Available in twelve different shades, this easy-to-apply product offers maximum wear and comfort while mimicking the blemish concealing power of a full-coverage foundation. All it takes is one squeeze of this velvety smooth formula and warm fingers to instantly glide on better, breathable skin.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, $38

When you run out of your precious supply of oil blotting sheets, don’t run to your nearest drugstore. Instead, invest in a trusty translucent powder instead. Guaranteed to keep your skin shine-free all day long, this tried-and-true setting powder instantly mattifies oily complexions so you can eliminate makeup meltdowns for good.

Giorgio Armani Beauty Fluid Sheer$62

Save your contouring sticks and cakey powders for the cooler months and embrace a glowy, bronzed complexion with this sheer liquid highlighter instead. All it takes is a few dabs of this striking, lightweight formula to add a natural highlight to a dull complexion. Available in a portable travel size, you won’t have to go a minute without radiant skin that practically screams summer.

Herbivore Botanical Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, $32

Long hours of layers upon layers of makeup during the warmer months can leave your skin desperate for some serious hydration. All it takes is one spritz of this moisturizing face mist to lock in makeup and soften rough, dry skin. Infused with the cooling effects of coconut water and the subtle scent of sweet rose, there’s no doubt that this natural formula will become a go-to product in your summer beauty routine.

Featured Image: Instagram / @lauramercier

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