5 Bloggers to Follow

As 2015 comes to an end (I can’t believe it either!) we’re all starting to think about the new year and what it brings. Whether its a new perspective, goal or dream we hope that 2016 gives you everything you hope for. For inspiration in the new year, here five of our favorite bloggers to follow.

Bloggers to Follow

We went ahead and compiled the best of the best when it comes to fashion inspiration/real life perspective/refreshing content. Yes, these are the bloggers to follow throughout the New Year.

You’re welcome.

1.) Lauren Dailey

Lauren Dailey

The Bohemian by the Bay is an extraordinary style-guide for the bohemian woman. Lauren’s style is equal parts artsy and accessible. She displays just the right amount of every-day comfort with interesting pieces. If you are looking for something different but obtainable then you need to follow Lauren!

2.) Audree Kate

Audree Kate

Simply Audree Kate is an adorable blog about a fashionable, thrifty New Yorker. Audree Kate puts together fun outfits against the backdrop of the Big Apple. She will have you chomping at the bit to go thrifting and find original pieces.

3.) Lyndsey Forest

Lyndsey Forest

Over My Styled Body

A Canadian fashionista, Lyndsey uses her blog to play dress-up and showcase her inventive DIY tutorials. We particularly love her take on a DIY necklace display. Her ensembles are bold and bright, and her photos are flat out gorgeous.

4.) Krystel Bennett

Krystel Bennett

A Pinch of Lovely   is a Southern girl’s take on fashion, beauty, and travel. Krystel reviews the latest fashion and beauty products with a compelling editorial flair. Her photos are exquisite and her style is glamorous and chic. If you visit her site, be prepared to spend a while there–you won’t be able to help yourself.

5.) Alyssa



Living in Style OC  is a blog dedicated to the SoCal lifestyle. Alyssa covers everything from fashion to food to events in Orange County. Her site is a rich repository for finding the best outfits, beauty products, and places to go. She also has children’s site in the works–so follow along for fashion for the littles.

We love our bloggers and encourage you to spend some time on each of their sites! You won’t regret it 🙂

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