4 Things You Should Always Splurge on a Tailor For

We all know the feeling of excitement when you find the perfect dress, top or pair of jeans on the rack and rush off to the dressing room imagining how great it’s going to look on you. Then there’s the inevitable feeling of devastation when your perfect pick fits all wrong, which we are also all familiar with. Sometimes clothes just look better on the rack, but that doesn’t mean that an ill-fitting garment is always an immediate lost cause. With the help of some tailoring, it’s possible for you to, well, tailor a piece to your body. But because it’s not possible (or necessary) to have everything in your closet tailored, it’s important to know what pieces are actually worth the extra fee and effort before you get alteration fever. Here’s a breakdown of worthy pieces.

Your Wardrobe Staples

Everyone needs a flirty mini skirt and a reliable pair of jeans. These could end up being some of your favorite things in your closet, so it’s important to make sure they fit right. If your skirt is a little too long or your jeans are so long that you’re tripping over them, this is when it makes sense to splurge on an alteration. The length of your pants and skirts can make or break an outfit, so if you know you’ll be wearing a particular bottom a lot, then a tailor is definitely worth it.

Special Occasion Pieces

Weddings, galas, and other events where you need to look extra fancy are a pain to shop for. Finding the perfect dress only to realize it’s too tight around the chest or too long even to wear with your heels is the worst. If you don’t rely on a tailor to tweak your special outfits in these cases, shopping can be next to impossible, so give up on trying to find the perfect dress and settle for finding an almost perfect one that will be perfect after alterations.

Classic and Quality Items

Ideally, your whole wardrobe would consist of “classic and quality items,” but we all know that’s not how it goes. You get sucked into the cheap prices of all the cheaply made clothes and stock your closet with all the latest trends. The cheap, trendy pieces are exactly what you should not be spending money on to alter. The basic rule of tailoring is stick to high quality clothes that won’t go out of style in less than a year and that have cost you a pretty penny and are thus worth spending a bit on to perfect. That way, you can make the most of your investment.

Professional Clothing

Professional wear might only take up a fraction of your closet, and it’s definitely not the most fun to wear, but it’s one of the most important components of your closet. You never know when you’ll have a high stakes interview or a big presentation at work, so it’s always best to be prepared with a few quality professional suits. Nothing – we repeat, nothing – is more embarrassing and less professional than a suit that doesn’t fit. This tailoring job isn’t optional, it’s necessary. You can thank us later.

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