4 Outerwear Accessories to Upgrade Your Cold Weather Look

It’s tough to feel like your most fashionable self when cold weather hits and you can’t help but burrow into your puffiest puffer coat. But just because your top priority in the winter is warmth, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put style on the back burner until spring rolls around. All it takes are a few simple cold weather statement pieces to jazz up any outdoor look this season. Here are the best outerwear accessories to add to your look this winter for an instantly upgraded look.


Zara Oversized Knitted Beanie, $16

Nothing really tops off (pun intended) a cold weather look like a warm beanie. But just because this piece of headwear is all about function doesn’t mean that it can’t be something of a fashion statement in itself. Opt for a beanie with bold color, or go for something with a chunkier finish.


Mango Lapels Faux Fur Coat, $200

If you have to wear a coat (and, yes, you have to wear a coat), you might as well find a way to turn your coat into a fashion statement all its own. And if that’s the goal, what better option than to opt for a chic faux fur coat that works overtime to keep you extra toasty in the coldest of temps while keeping your style completely on point.


Free People Kolby Stripe Fringe Scarf, $29

Why go for a traditional scarf when you can go for an extra-large, extra-warm, and just plain extra oversized blanket scarf? Not only does a good blanket scarf make for the ultimate cold weather neck protection, but it’s also the perfect staple for all your cold weather travels, since it doubles – as its name would suggest – as a pretty good makeshift blanket.


Topshop Faux Fur & Leather Gloves, $24

It doesn’t matter how warm your coat is – without a pair of gloves to protect your hands, it’s tough to withstand the frigid days and nights that winter brings. But while your initial instinct might be to snag a pair of simple, monochromatic gloves (black leather gloves is always a safe bet, right?), you might want to try shaking things up with an edgier pair. Try a pair of embellished gloves for a change, or maybe some faux fur mittens. The key is to find something that goes beyond the usual, basic pair of gloves you may be used to.


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