3 Heeled Ankle Boot Trends That Are Going to Be Everywhere This Fall

We can’t put into words how much we absolutely hate that summer is slowly but surely coming to and end, but there is one upside to the incoming temperature drop: stocking our closets with all the hottest – or, coolest? – fall trends. Despite all the stylish jackets, statement scarves and cozy, oversized sweaters we’ll be splurging on this fall, nothing gets us more excited than swiping our cards for a chic new pair of boots. You can’t go into this new season without the signature boot of fall, so we’re here to fill you in on the three ankle boot trends you need to be on the lookout for.

Kitten Heel Boots

The kitten heel has been coming back in a big way lately, and this fall is no exception. Kitten heels may have been frowned upon in our clubbing days, but we’ve come to realize that they have the ability to make any outfit look effortlessly chic. Speaking of effort, why would you want to expend all that extra energy trying to balance in ridiculously high heels when you can throw on these stylish boots with an elevation of about one inch and look just as good – if not better.

Zara Kitten Heel Faux Patent Ankle Boots$40
Topshop MONICA Pointed Kitten Heel Boots$130
Topshop ASCOT Studded Suede Ankle Boots$135


Sock Boots

The sock boot may sound like a strange concept, but trust us – it’s actually the epitome of glamour and style (it’s making a splash for it’s second fall in a row, so this trend is going really strong). Nothing will make you feel more model- or celeb-esque than rocking these funky, fitted boots under a pair of your favorite cropped jeans. The heels might be taller than kitten height, but the comfort factor is still there with the cozy sock feeling that comes with slipping on these boots.

H&M Knit Form-Stitched Ankle Boots$45
H&M Sock-Style Pumps$60
Zara Fabric High Heel Ankle Boots With Stretch$70


Western Boots

Welcome to fall the wild, wild west. When you think of ‘western boots,’ you’re mind probably immediately cuts to a picture of full on, knee-high, brown leather cowboy boots. If you’re thinking #thanksbutnothanks, don’t fret – these aren’t your classic western wear. These are the more modern, trendier version of the original, and they’re most definitely worthy of a prime spot in your closet, even if you’ve never ridden a horse or said the word ‘ya’ll’ in your life. Think sleek leather, bold buckles, and gorgeous decorative embroidery. If you’re into any of that, you’ll be into western boots.

Topshop MOVE IT Colour Block Western Boots$180
Boohoo Neve Peeptoe Western Buckle Shoe Boot$50
Amen Camperos Cowboy Boots$708

Featured Image: Instagram / @zanitazanita

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