14 Makeup Tricks Every Woman Needs to Have Down

Whether you’re a seasoned makeup pro or your kind of new to the game, we’ve rounded up some of the best makeup tricks to take improve your beauty regimen.


1. Mix your foundation with some moisturizer or a hydrating serum for coverage that feels a bit lighter and gives you a natural, dewy look.

2. Before applying concealer onto under eye circles, prep the area with a corrector that will cover up green and purple tints in your natural skin tones.

3. For foundation that doesn’t look streaky, skip the brush and use your fingers to apply and blend the makeup.

4. Apply highlighter before foundation for a glow that looks super natural all day long.


5. Never skip primer, since it’s the secret to avoiding problems like creased lids and shadow fading.

6. To make your eye shadow pop, apply some white shadow as a base before.


7. “Stamp” your lashes by gently pressing and wiggling your mascara against the base of your lashes to create thickness at the root.

8. Skip mascara on your bottom lashes and opt for a light-colored shadow with a bit of shimmer that can go right below your bottom lashes and give your eyes a natural pop.


9. Always be sure to remember your brows when applying primer, since this will help make sure that your brow color stays in place throughout the day.

10. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil before tweezing to make sure that you don’t overdo it with the plucking.

11. When using an eyebrow pencil, make sure that you stick to gentle, short strokes that mimic the natural look of your eyebrow hair.

12. Add some highlighter with a bit of shimmer right under your brows to add a sense of lift.


13. Soften lip liner by running your finger over the line after drawing it.

14. To make your lipstick last all day after applying it, you can put a tissue over your lips and dust a layer of translucent powder over the lip shade through the tissue.

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